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The Business assist program is unique and works for any type of business including new start up’s.


It provides a fast track to get ahead and to finance your business using a passive method of income online, now and in the future.


People have asked in the past if your product is so good then why don’t you give it out for a tiny holding cost, work with the people to get it up and running with all the bells and whistles then once its bringing in the income the people will pay you?


That’s right, Money where our Mouth is!


Well here it is, I will work with a business for a small holding fee and my team will take as much risk if not more to get your business making residual income and after costs we share the profit which your business could have never made on its own. 

The Business Assist Package is the first ever win win for your business.

JhEasyWeb provide the package which allows your business to do what your good at and we do what were good at.


Creating a great partnership with risk on both sides therefore ensuring the focus is on to make everything work so both parties get paid.

Here’s on of the business we are working with at the present time.

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